N obody understands the township market like we do. As a small boutique specialised media owner, we offer clients more focussed, unique, exciting and original campaigns that get the message far and wide as possible to the kasi/mass market.

We know the language, we understand the symbols and signs, we have our finger on the trends, or may we say what’s trending, the fashion, the brands people love and loyal to.We know where people spend time/chillkokasi. WE know what’s BIG kokasi After tears/visnos, all white, birthdays parties, wine and beer festivals..

Let us tell you something about people kokasi..there’s something with Kasi people and their affinity with brands. People koKasi love their brands. Kasi people have a special relationship with brands. They give brands special kasi flavour names(Vuurpha-Golf GTI, Gusheshe-BMW) Brand awareness is everything koKasi..

Using kasi media platforms and communication strategies help brands connect with the consumers in the kasi market and builds brand awareness, brand affinity and brand loyalty. We have ideal platforms of developing relationships and bonds that enable brands to grow overtime.

Here we talking our wall murals, strategically situated at the filling station and car washes,our billboards and towers in major taxi ranks and shopping malls, enable brands to engage with the consumers in their natural settings kokasi. To assume brand leadership position kokasi. Talk to the people who love brands.